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Masculinity Readings

Mart 5, 2021 @ 00:00 - Haziran 5, 2021 @ 23:59

The three-month Masculinity Readings / Discussions Program will be held every month on writings and articles determined around a theme. It will be conducted in the form of a three-week online discussion and a conversation with a guest who will deepen our discussions on the same theme.

Introduction to masculinity studies,

Masculinity discrimination (hegemonic, collaborative, subaltern, and contradictory masculinities),

Militarism, race/ethnicity, religion/belief (conscientious objector, nationalist and religious masculinities)

Social experience of masculinity (paternity, circumcision, kirvelik, etc.)

will constitute the main axis of our reading/discussion and conversation themes. Reading materials will be shared with the participants.

The quota of the reading/discussion group is limited, and the event is open to everyone. Those who want to participate can contact us using the contact information below.


Mart 5, 2021 @ 00:00
Haziran 5, 2021 @ 23:59


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