Diyarbakir Institute for Political and Social Research has published its latest research

The research book entilted “Nothing in its right place” Demands of justice and coming to terms with the past in the post-conflict period by our researcher Dr. Nesrin Uçarlar is published, which is in the context of the program of establishment the restorative justice and peace by evaluating the results of the justice of the community based transition period research.

 “Nothing in its right place”
“Nothing in its right place”,  Nesrin Uçarlar

Demands of justice and coming to terms with the past in the post-conflict period

DISA,  Nesrin Uçarlar

What is the position of the aggrieved, witnesses and survived people? What is the position of the perpetrators, the responsible ones, those not knowing, especially those who can know but pretending not knowing? How are the memory, mourning, amnesty, revenge and offence, political friendship in this confrontation? How is confrontation, amnesty and forgiving is possible? The answer to all these questions that crosschecks the accumulation of theoretical and worldly experience in Muş, Bitlis, Van, Hakkari, Şirnak, Mardin, Batman and Diyarbakir.

“Now what is gone is gone, the time is gone”.

Twenty years ago, these are the words from a woman from Van whose husband was killed in 1990s on the street. There are some people facing her pain and speaking up directly and those who still elegize as well.

Confronting the 90s with the its deaths, war, torture and memory filled with lost people, should not only be the problem of the aggrieved but also to the all society. This research is a comprehensive ground survey for confronting the difficulties, possibilities, tools. A ground survey that scans both the theoretical and conceptual and field conditions.

How can justice be established after conflict periods? Which doors can punitive and restorative justice concept open? Why is the right of truth a right?

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