Amed Mother-tongue and Children Festival was organized bewteen 15-17 May

Due to 15 May Kurdish Language festival dedicated to the 15 May 1932 the date when Hawar Magazine started to its publication as a product of many organisation working on both mother tongue and children studies Amed mother tongue and Children festival was organized in Sümerpark Ortak yaşam Alanı. The festival which was organized between 15- 17 May firstly with the slogan of “the child is the sapling of the language” enabled children be together in a series of activities.

After a comprehensive and a dense preparation period, Amed mother tongue and children festival on the track of Celadet Ali Bedirxan aimed to remove the obstacles about the transition of the language and culture and to meet the demands and necessities of the children.

The children of Kurdish People whose education in mother tongue has been usurped has had a chance to celebrate this year’s Kurdish Language festival in Amed in such an organization. In the activities carried out, the children revealed their talent in paint, photo and music in the dialects of Kurmancî and Zazakî of Kurdish.

In the festival program, in the tents put up as well as painting, photo and reading workshops and the activities ran by instructors from Ferzad Kemanger School, the personal Works of the children have also exhibited. The art exhibition of children from Kobanê, the drama workshop of Amed Children Council, folk dances and concerts are a few of them.

In the recent summer months within the scope of TZP Kurdî, DİSA and Diyarbakır Kurdish Institute in the region of Amed, Behdinan, Botan, Dersim and Serhad executed Kurdistan oral Children lliterature research. The promotion of these materials for preschool period with the title of Seta Gulgulîskên Zarokan which was published as the result of this study was firstly done in this festival. Moreover, Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality city theatre performed “Town Musicians of Bremen” in Sümerpark Amphitheatre for the festival.

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